Other Locations Where I Offer My Services

For over 25 years I Teach Dogs has been the preferred professional dog trainer for generations of pet owners. With thousands of successfully trained dogs and just as many satisfied customers, I take pride in the constant faith the local community places in me and my abilities. With my ever growing client base came the need to expand the area in which I offer my services. Below is a list of all locations where you can benefit from the special dog training sessions I provide:

  • Caswallen PA;
  • West Goshen PA;
  • Windon PA;
  • Westmount PA;
  • Woodcock Farm PA;

You can be sure that regardless of the location, the level of care and professionalism I bring to the table is always the same. My philosophy rests on understanding the external factors that trigger negative behaviors and substitute them with positive habits and responses. Whether it is obedience, problem-solving, or behavior modifications your little friend needs – my dog training service can provide it all! I do not distinguish between breeds, ages, and sizes – your satisfaction is my only priority!

Choose what is best for your dog and its well-being – opt for the expert dog trainer in the area by calling (610) 692-9387 today and scheduling an appointment!